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Upcoming Events

Replant the Forest Festival Benefit Concert with Weebid


Join us for a online or in person at the weebid studio in Inglewood CA! we will be having a benefit concert to support the cause!

Replant the Forest @ Little Shpherds Nature Lab

October 14-16th 2022

Join us in Ramona CA close to San Diego to plant trees, dance to music, and get your permaculture groove on as we support the launch of Little Shepherds Nature Lab!


Past Events

Our events come in different shapes and sizes but all share the call to Eco system restoration in Action! Check out our upcoming and past events below.

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Arbor Day Event Los Angeles April 2022

Big shout out to City plants and the crew of organizations that came together to make the Arbor Day event possible! 300 people collectively planted over 200 trees in south LA! we hosted speakers and musicians such as Mayor Garcetti, John Liu, and Leah Thomas.


RFF Stage

Lily Elise and Brock rocking out a set for the community! The stage also hosted Sunny War, Aminala, Oshri Hakak and Thomas Cepeda, Gina Tang and John Liu.


Good Clean Fun

Julian and Ryan having a blast with Mr. Recycle!