Replant the Forest Festival  is dedicated to hosting Eco- action music festivals. These events will empower people to get their hands dirty taking care of the environment while having fun. We use the power of music to unite people to make a positive impact on our global climate crisis.


What happens at the festival

Here are some of the different dynamics that will be happening during the festival.


Land Restoration Project

RFF will be held on a degraded piece of land that is in need of human intervention to restore. Attendees will be working in organized teams tackling various aspects of the project. This is a chance for folks to get their hands in the dirt, connect with the land and give back to nature.


Talks and Performances

Amazing musicians, DJs, and speakers will insure that this gathering is a culturally uplifting and transformative space. There will be plenty of opportunities to dance to music, learn about interesting topics, and co-create the festival culture.


Permaculture Workshop

A portion of the land will be set aside as an active permaculture workshop during the festival. A small homestead for the property will be built and attendees will have a chance to learn more about permaculture design and sustainability. This will become the home base for stewards who care for the land after the festival is finished. Having the ability to care for the plants we are planting is crucial to the success of the project.



This will be a multi-day festival with group camping on site. Bring your own camps and themes to co-create the experience!