Replant the Forest Festival  is dedicated to hosting eco- action music festivals and events. These gatherings empower people to take care of the environment while having fun. We use the power of music to unite people to make a positive impact on our global climate crisis. RFF is an engine for collaboration across communities and organizations. We offer consultant services to others who wish to host environmentally focused events/ parties/ and festivals. 

We love planting trees and also work comprehensively across the entire eco-restoration spectrum to bring people into the great work of our time.


What happens at the Festival or Event?

Here are some of the different dynamics that cross section at our events


Land Restoration Projects

Action is one of the key center pieces to the style of gatherings we host and collaborate in. We believe in the transformative power of actually doing the work to restore our lands. By creating opportunities for attendees to have a positive impact on the land we nurture a community of people looking to do more.


Performances and speakers

Amazing musicians, DJs, and speakers will insure that every gathering is a culturally uplifting and transformative space. There will be plenty of opportunities to dance to music, learn about interesting topics, and co-create the festival culture. Does this sound like your lane? Reach out to us and lets play!


Permaculture Workshop

We align with the ideals of permaculture and seek to promote a healthy coexistence between us and nature. Depending on the location of the event we seek to include this philosophy.



Some events are day events and some are overnight jamborees! If you are connected to land that can host an overnight gathering please reach out!



Valued Partnerships

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